Tell us about your health care discussion

Thanks for taking the lead in our grassroots effort to reform health care by hosting a Health Care Community Discussion.

Health and Human Services Secretary-designate Tom Daschle and the rest of the Transition Health Policy Team will be collecting these contributions to help prepare for the Obama-Biden administration.

So tell us: How did it go? What ideas did you discuss? What do you think the main problems with the system are, and what's the best way to fix them?

Please upload the Group Submission from your Health Care Community Discussion in a document or text file -- or you can write directly into the text box.

In addition, please enter the compiled results of the attendees’ Participation Surveys in the boxes below.

You can also upload pictures or video of your Health Care Community Discussion. By uploading pictures or video, you certify ownership of the material and release the right for the Obama-Biden Transition Project to use the images.


Tell us about your discussion: