Inside the Transition: Meet members of the Energy & Environment Policy Transition Team

To give you a behind the scenes look at the Transition and to see in greater depth how the team is approaching climate issues, we filmed this meeting of our Energy & Environment Policy Transition Team and interview with team member Heather Zichal.

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High-resolution, Quicktime format (32 MB .mov file) available here.

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Earlier today, President-elect Barack Obama addressed the Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles by video, promising to open a "new chapter in American leadership on climate change." Today, environmental leaders praised his bold statement of purpose.

"This is exactly the kind of leadership the country and the world have been waiting for," Pew Center on Global Climate Change President Eileen Claussen said in a statement.

Read more of Claussen's statement and statements from other environmental leaders below.

Eileen Claussen, President, Pew Center on Global Climate Change:

"This is exactly the kind of leadership the country and the world have been waiting for. President-elect Obama's statement makes clear that he's ready to roll up his sleeves and deliver the action that is needed to protect our climate, our economy, and our national security. He is setting the right goals and choosing the right policies."

Larry Schweiger, President and CEO, National Wildlife Federation:

"With today's call for action on global warming, President-elect Obama has kicked the gears of change into motion. The call for action will echo from the halls of Washington to the capitals of nations around the world. After years of gridlock in Washington, Obama has offered America and the world a new beginning that promises to revitalize our economy with clean energy and to protect our planet in peril. As world leaders gather in the coming weeks in Poland to negotiate a pathway out of the climate crisis, the eyes of the world will be upon America and our newfound resolve to rejoin global efforts....We applaud President-elect Obama's determination to aggressively pursue his campaign commitment to cap the pollution that is causing global warming and invest financial resources from a cap-and-trade plan in deploying clean energy technologies and safeguarding America's natural resources."

Carter Roberts, U.S. President, World Wildlife Fund:

"President-elect Obama gave us one of his first policy statements today and he nailed it. He sees clearly that climate change is a huge risk to our economy and he sees solving climate change as a foundation for our economic recovery. The right climate legislation and the right investments will create all kinds of much needed jobs across our country. American leadership is essential to moving the world in the right direction on one of the world's greatest issues -- one that's fundamental to our lives and to the future of our planet. President-elect Obama's message could not come at a better time. Amen."

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