An American Moment

As transition co-chair John Podesta said yesterday, the people who waited in lines around schools, churches and fire houses should "take pride in the power of democracy" because they showed the world that "anything is possible when we come together as one nation."

In that spirit, we created An American Moment on our website because you deserve a government that respects your involvement in the process by being open, transparent and bipartisan. We want to continue to hear about your hopes and dreams, answer your questions, and get your advice about what should come next.

Cynthia in Fort Lee, VA has already written to us with her perspective:

"Politics -- like parenthood -- is a marathon, not a sprint. Now that the election is over, it's time to turn our attention to the next leg of this race, getting family policies like fair pay, paid sick days, healthcare coverage and early education passed."

Susan in Canton, CT shared her thoughts about the challenges facing the auto industry, and added, "I truly want to keep the momentum going; the hope, the volunteerism, the activism."

That's exactly what we want to do, too. Keep sending your stories and we'll keep learning from them.

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